Discover the village of Tiskmoudine

Tiskmoudine is a village in southern Morocco.

This destination is the 700’000 Hours Regenerative Hospitality Pilot Project.

It is the promise for the traveller to experience the daily life of the village of Tiskmoudine and to discover the richness of its heritage, the extent of its culture and the ancestral knowledge of its inhabitants.

Unprecedented hospitality

700'000 Hours collaborates...

…. with the local community of the village of Tiskmoudine and the Global Heritage Fund. Together they have initiated and are supporting six regeneration projects: 1. The creation of a salt-dried caper leaf production cooperative to contribute to the economic development of the village

2. The creation and/or embellishment of existing infrastructures to encourage women’s work and increase the attractiveness of the village of Tizkmoudine and the visibility of the works produced by the cooperative

3. The creation of a hospitality services cooperative to train the local population in hospitality.

4. The organisation of creative workshops for children to contribute to the education of the children and to free up productive time for the women of the village

5. Women’s vocational training to strengthen women’s empowerment

6. – Monitoring agroforestry projects to help restore degraded soils