Discover the village of Tiskmoudine

Tizkmoudine is a village in southern Morocco.

It hosts the first regenerative hospitality project developed by 700’000 Heures and Regenopolis.

Its population set up an association to preserve the old town, which was abandoned half a century ago, and committed to bring it back to life. The restoration, using traditional techniques, by an American NGO, the Global Heritage Fund, of the grainery and a few houses of the village, were simply not enough to make the village attractive to visitors. Hence, the village association came up with the idea of a hospitality project. 

Unprecedented hospitality

700’000 Heures is the promise for the traveler to live the day-to-day life of a community, to discover the richness of its heritage, the extent of its culture and the ancestral knowledge of its inhabitants.

700'000 Heures collaborates...

…with the local community to Tizkmoudine and the Global Heritage Fund.

Together, they launched and support six regeneration projects:

    • The creation of a women’s cooperative for local crafts,
    • The creation of a cooperative for hospitality services,
    • The creation of a cooperative of construction, carpentry and maintenance services for heritage restoration,
    • The creation of socio-educational workshops for children,
    • The implementation of new agroforestry projects, with subsistence agriculture and new sectors with high potential for economic development and soil regeneration,
    • The implementation of a memory project, aimed at capturing, promoting and transmitting ancestral heritage and know-how, through research and interviews.