The Constellation

700’000 Heures opens the doors to the Constellation, our expanding collection of houses. Scattered around the world, hidden within the most remarkable landscapes, they each embody the spirit of 700’000 Heures yet are accessible to all by simple reservation. Come explore with us…

@Home, Paris, France

Open all year round

We were looking for a unique place, a secret landmark. We found it

In one of the most traditional and charming districts of Paris, in Montmartre, 700,000 Heures opens the doors of his permanent apartment.
Its terrace, the highest in Paris, overlooks the zinc roofs, faces the Sacré Coeur and offers you a breathtaking view …

Imagined as a cocoon, this is the promise of a breathtaking view of the sunset, dinners under the stars, evenings by the crackling of the fireplace and awakenings facing the Sacré Coeur.

Memory Road, Morocco

Open all year round

The essence of travel…

From Marrakech to Dar Ahlam, an exclusive 5-stop expedition along the oases of southern Morocco, punctuated by the most sumptuous and varied sceneries, from the rugged Atlantic coast to the sand dunes of the Sahara.

Explore North Africa’s richly diverse societies and visit the last collective granaries of the original Amagizhs.

Refined and real, this thoughtfully curated itinerary invites you to roam where magic reigns, as you are escorted from scarlet earth formations to date palm oases to a ancient sea of sand dunes, and finally to Dar Ahlam, our very own ‘House of Dreams’.

Over 1,000 kilometers of natural wonder and uncommon encounters.

Santo Amaro, Brazil

Open from the end of May to the end of October

Truly one of the most beautiful places on Earth…

In the north of Brazil, there exists an untouched panorama like no other. A place worthy of traveling for miles by airplane, road and sometimes even by boat (depending on the season!) just for that astonishing moment of joyous amazement. A rarity of nature, the Lençois Maranhenses offers pristine sand dunes as far as the eye can see, dappled with disappearing azure blue lagoons. Spend a few days or more in our house by the lake, to appreciate the unsurpassable beauty of these gently rolling plains, to meditate on this profound vastness of quartz shimmering like diamonds under the equatorial sun. We invite you to live here among the native animals, roaming free as they do. Once seen, Lençois will stay in your soul forever, as it has for us. Soothed and calmed by nature, a part of you never leaves this paradise.

So go ahead and immerse yourself in this earthly sanctuary that has neither beginning nor end, one blessed with the supernatural power to make you dream like a child. Though at first glance a vast empty space, you will leave you here with a deeper appreciation for what truly matters, propelled by pure wonder into this place rich in what remains unseen, where nature meets humanity, where everyone you meet offers their hearts in their hands.