Regenerative hospitality

Regenerative Hospitality is a catalyzer for local social and economic development, a tool for protecting natural heritage and regenerating surrounding natural ecosystems. 

Why ?

Today, 1.4 billion tourists visit less than 5% of the planet. Tourism has sometimes damaged the environment, heritage, and the social fabric of communities. Too often it has been conceived for the benefit of the traveler rather than the host communities. Yet, tourism could in fact be a bridge between the local population and the travelers while generating economic value for the benefit of the communities.

“There is no time to lose. We need to rethink and reinvent tourism, and together deliver a more sustainable, prosperous, resilient future for all.”

António Guterres, Secretary-General of the United Nations

Regenerative hospitality is a radically different approach to tourism: sustainable and virtuous.

It is designed to benefit host communities by generating income and activities in remote villages with little known cultural or natural heritage.

It creates the opportunity to connect local communities and travellers. Local communities are the holders of ancestral know-how, the guardians of a memory that travellers can learn about and help to transmit.

Regenerative hospitality goes much further than the notion of sustainable tourism. It is not simply a question of limiting the negative effects of tourism on the environment by implementing sustainable practices or creating local employment. 

This is a revolution that puts people and the planet at the heart of hospitality.

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