Le Cercle des Amazirs

Why not join our Cercle des Amazirs? Explore the world like our members who travel to treasure our 700,000 hours on Earth, but especially moments spent with those most important to us.

Each year, our wandering hotel sets up its custom traveling trunks in one or more destinations in the world for a few months only. Becoming a member is the key to accessing these ephemeral, magical experiences. Amazirs reserve their stay for the dates and duration they wish.

Como Lake, Italy

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The origins of Romantic Life

From May the 12th to October the 3th 2021

Lake Como is the perfect definition of La Dolce Vita: you can feel here a unique quietness that surrounds and comforts you. Everything is peaceful and ideal to daydreaming… The setting sun which disappears behind the mountains, the reflections of the lights over the water, the scent of roses under the arbor on the way to the Villa Grande or the perfume from the wisteria overlooking the cliff… You will live a timeless moment!

Ine, Koyasan

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Sacred Japan...


A few hours in the heart of the Japanese culture… First, Iné, between sea and mountains, to live experiences with the local community such as sea urchin fishing on a boat with the fisherman, harvesting blueberries in the mountains, visiting the local farmer to pick vegetables with him and a picnic in the wilderness. Then, Koyasan with its fire ceremonies, its “incense” game (traditional Japanese game), and a stroll tinged with spirituality among the giant trees in Koyasan cemetery.

Place Vendôme

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A perfect square

From 20 december 2019 to 31 january 2020

A very few hours in one of the rare private apartments on Paris’ storied Place Vendôme: taking up residence as Thierry Teyssier plays something of a 700’000 heures Santa with his international team of enchanting ‘elves,’ our fairy tale Christmas, ringing in the first days of a fresh new year before waving them off for the wonders of Japan.


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An ocean of dunes and lagoons...

From June to November 2019

A few hours in Brazil’s otherworldly paradise: sand dunes seeming to stretch to the infinite horizon, freshwater lagoons that will disappear when we do, our house by the lake surrounded by native animals, sipping fresh cachaça in the village streets, a blissful nap in the hand woven hammock, the absolute freedom of horseback riding into the wind, feasting after dark under the vines, a quad ride and then another (why not?), exploring this vast sandscape by boat…Above all, that night among the dunes on the edge of a lagoon, seemingly alone in the world, then waking up and diving in…


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In the land of temples...

From November 2018 to April 2019

A few hours spent together in Cambodia: a traditional Khmer house hidden in bustling Siem Reap, discovering of Angkorian temples at daybreak, archaeologists leading the way around otherwise off-limits excavations, dinner among the 5,000 Buddha statues at Angkor Conservation…Then onward to Tonle Sap Lake and its floating houses, sundowners on a private wooden platform skimming the indigo water, a dinner under the stars, jungle bird watching, the joyful surprise of coming upon a street cart in the middle of the rice fields…And finally the Phare Circus in colonial Battambang, its school of immensely talented young Khmer inviting us to their workshops, putting on quite a show, sharing a last Khmer feast with these amazing emerging artists…


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The first house of 700'000 Heures...

September & October 2018

A few hours spent together in a forgotten palazzo at the southernmost tip of Italy: the indescribable scent of hot brioches for breakfast, an unhurried stroll in Cinquecento on cobblestone lanes running our hands along time worn stone walls, a picnic prepared by chef Rosa served high atop the coastal bluffs, tasting sea urchins just caught by our fisherman friend Giuseppe, that unforgettable surprise dinner in an abandoned train wagon temporarily transformed into a work of art, the palazzo’s illuminated courtyard, a Vespa ride to bathe on sun kissed boulders, lunch under olive trees facing the sea, a late breakfast in a waterside grotto, lingering like locals in a timeless Leccese café on the village square, Elena capturing us with her watercolors better than anything snapped on an iPhone, sunset cocktails at our impromptu outdoor living room above the waves sprung from the custom 700’000 Heures trunks, exploring the Parisi brothers’ warehouse filled with a kaleidoscope of traditional Pugliese luminarie fairy lights, Bruce’s sweet voice welcoming us home each night…

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700’000 Heures is not for everyone. We welcome travelers who truly want to discover the world in a new and authentic way.

Being an Amazir allows you to join our community of extraordinaries, grants you access to our wandering hotel and exclusive invitations to our parties, gatherings and special events held at all the most interesting points on the world map.

How much does this cost? Membership fees start from 2,000 Euros, with an annual subscription of 500 Euros, all of which goes towards your trips with us.

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