The history of DAEM

Our Legacy Program

DAEM is a non-profit association created in December 2019 by 700’000 Heures.

The Values of DAEM

700’000 Heures places the highest value without compromise on true hospitality. To us, this means respect for the natural environment and for all people.

Scope of Activity

From the start of 700’000 Heures adventures in Salento, we have sought to strengthen the communities that welcome us. While our hotel experience is ephemeral by design, we looked for a sustainable development approach to aid these communities in the most meaningful way.

Named for the word for ‘permanent’ in Persian, Daem was launched by 700’000 Heures to train local talent and entrepreneurs, to optimize the 700’000 Heures experience in these local communities long after we move on to the next exceptional destination, and to protect each environment for everyone’s benefit into the future.

Daem has three main components:


700’000 Heures ensures the funding of Daem by donating a percentage of turnover, supplemented by donations from Amazir members and generous friends.

We are ready to receive donations in any amount, and in kind. These allow us to enhance our ambitions and realize their dreams.

A pioneering partnership with Global Heritage Fund

To generate economic opportunities for local communities through sustainable tourism surrounding world heritage, 700’000 Heures has partnered with Global Heritage Fund.

Founded in 2002, Global Heritage Fund (GHF) is a San Francisco based 501(c)(3) non-profit organization with subsidiaries in London and Hong Kong that empowers and trains communities to preserve their tangible and cultural heritage through effective conservation of historic sites of value to all humankind.

In the south of Morocco, for example, a country in which 700’000 Heures’ founder Thierry Teyssier has been operating luxury hospitality projects for 20 years, GHF works to restore collective granaries known as igoudar. Majestic earthen structures often wedged into mountain sides and desert cliffs, these remote warehouses once served as vital religious and communal centers for the Amazigh tribes who built them, the same nomadic group we honor with our membership name.

GHF’s partnership with 700’000 Heures will support the creation of accommodations and enhance Daem and other hospitality projects by anchoring them in a vibrant circular economy. Thierry Teyssier makes his skills and those of his experienced teams available to strengthen this innovative process.

Through 700’000 Heures, Cercle des Amazirs members will enjoy privileged entree to these unique sites of vital cultural significance. In parallel, our 700’000 Heures teams train local people in hospitality so that these same local players can then prepare their own hotel projects to join the Constellation.

Training, preservation of cultures and heritage, future-oriented hotel projects, GHF x 700’000 Heures is a truly virtuous circle.

Our Manifesto

By Thierry Teyssier

700’000 Heures, a virtuous ecosystem representing the tourism of tomorrow

700’000 Heures is the average span of a single lifetime!

Time is simply too valuable to let it slip away.

The world is too rich in culture, nature and authentic experiences to be content with trivial travel. There is so much more to discover by going deeper. So many untapped emotions to experience. Countless genuinely fascinating places to explore…We are the masters of our precious time on this planet…It is up to us to give meaning to these fleeting hours!

All around us, social, environmental, demographic and economic challenges are reaching unprecedented levels of urgency. Understandably, many citizens of the world now yearn for their travels to have “meaning.” How do we align our curiosity with our impact on the planet?

The search for more original, exceptional and unforgettable experiences must go hand in hand with the quest for genuineness, transparency and simplicity.

We are convinced that local communities have the potential to provide the most memorable and meaningful authentic experiences to travelers, by tapping and sharing the richness of their respective culture, traditions and heritage.

Together, let’s invent a new way of discovering the world, one that is more responsible, more respectful of people and cultures, more enriching and more humane for all.

Good for people, Good for the planet, Good for purpose