700'000 Heures, a pioneer in regenerative hospitality

Journeys that benefit the world by working to renovate sites, create activities for the community and develop local environmental projects. A virtuous movement that transforms both the host and the visitor.

What is regenerative hospitality?

Regenerative hospitality is a tool for development. All action is taken to offer humans and the planet a sustainable and prosperous future.

It accompanies the transformation needed to realise the full potential of often little-known places of national heritage.

Regenerative Hospitality works for local communities, the restoration and conservation of historic monuments, and the preservation of nature.

Travellers meet communities and participate in the transmission of their heritage and the dissemination and monetisation of their know-how.

700'000 Heures, a pioneer in regenerative hospitality

700’000 Heures puts people and the planet at the heart of its hospitality. Travelling with 700’000 Heures is part of a virtuous dynamic where travellers and local communities can mutually enrich each other through the sharing of authentic experiences and everyday moments.
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Tiskmoudine, a 700’000 Heures regenerative hospitality pilot project

Located in the South of Morocco, the village of Tiskmoudine allows the curious traveller, open to the other and to the world, to live a life experience. Well beyond the journey, the immersion in the reality of the village of Tiskmoudine transforms the traveller.

This hospitality is made possible by our collaboration with the local community of Tiskmoudine and the Global Heritage Fund, and works to revitalise economic activity, recreate the social fabric, empower the women of the village, restore cultural heritage and regenerate natural ecosystems.

Le Cercle des Amazirs

700’000 Heures welcomes travellers who are committed to discovering the world with authenticity.

Being an Amazir allows you to join a community of generous, curious people who are involved in building a new world: inclusive and promising.

By donating and staying with 700’000 Heures, Amazirs encourage and support the prosperity of the destinations they visit.

Participate in the financing of projects

To support the regenerative hospitality projects run by 700’000 Heures, you are free to make a donation.

There is no minimum amount required.

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